1/10 scale trucks and off-road vehicles usually fall into 6 categories and they are:  Monster Trucks, Rock Crawlers,  Stadium Trucks, Short Course Trucks, Off – Road Buggies and  Off – Road Truggies.


Off-Road Buggies

Lets first start with RC buggies, as this one of the most popular racing categories.  They are fast, lightning quick and super responsive.  This is a great platform for beginners as they are easy and fun to drive, can be raced and on road capable.  Buggies do best on smooth surfaces, gravel and hard and loose dirt surfaces.  Overall an excellent choice for anyone looking to get an RC off-road vehicle.


Monster Trucks  

Monster trucks are for those who just want to have fun!  Some like to bash them and others like them because they can go where most other RC trucks can not.  Great for snow, mud, hills and rough terrain these bad boys prefer to get dirty.  They have oversized tires, heavy duty suspension along with lots of ground clearance, makes this a great choice for over-all bashing.  They come in 2WD and 4WD versions.

Rock Crawlers

Rock Crawlers are extreme!  Huge lifts, monster tires, wide wheelbase and set these trucks apart from the rest.  They are designed to go anywhere and fast.  These extreme trucks are built to conquer mountains but they are a great choice for over-all bashing and just having a great time in rugged terrains.


Stadium Trucks

Stadium trucks are a lot like off-road buggies as they are but with wider tires and a different, larger body.  Stadium trucks are built for serious driving as they are light, durable and they handle a lot like a buggies but can navigate rough terrain much better.   These trucks are great for bashing, racing and just having a lot of fun.  If you want an RC that’s great at bashing, can conquer most terrains but can also be set-up for racing, this truck may be for you.


Short Course Trucks

This might be the most popular RC truck for beginners.  They are not as responsive as buggies and stadium trucks but they are a blast to drive.  This category is one of the most popular trucks to race and are very competitive.  They are extremely durable with tons of aftermarket parts, upgrades and limitless ways to customize them.  Although these trucks were designed to race, bashing these course warriors has turned the RC world upside down.  If your just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a 2wd or 4wd short course truck.


Off-Road Truggies


Off-road Truggies resemble buggies in many ways except that they have truck bodies.  This is also a favorite racing vehicle around the country.  They have sleek bodies, high ground clearance, rear wings, wide tires and wheel base.  Like buggies, they are lightning fast, agile and light in weight.  Truggies perform better in difficult terrain compared to buggies.  There are many verisons available from race-set-ups to bashing versions, ready to conquer the most difficult environments.  Truggies are an excellent choice for beginners.